Meltonian white cleaner

Meltonian white cleaner 1923 adMeltonian white cleaners seem to have made an appearance in the 1920’s and complimented their cream range. They were advertised to the well-to-do as sports such as cricket and tennis became popular with the wealthier classes of both sexes, as this 1923 advert illustrates.
Meltonian white cleaner
Meltonian white cleaner
Meltonian white cleaner
Photos: David Pratt
On the label
White Meltonian Cleaner for Canvas and Buckskin Shoes
Will not rub off.
Apply with a damp sponge after brushing dust from the shoe.
Appliquez avec une eponge humide apres avoir enleve la poussiere de la chaussure.
Made by Meltonian (E. Brown & Son) Ltd, London
Makers of Meltonian Cream.
Have you a Tube of meltonian Cream for good shoes
White, Black and Brown. Also in “Dumpy” Jars.
This lid makes a useful container for water, in which to wet the sponge when in use.
Meltonian white block cleaner
This refill pack is made by Meltonian Limited, the last company name before the merger with William Wren Ltd to form Meltonian Wren Ltd and the subsequent move from Cricklewood to Watford.
Meltonian Superwhite cleanerThis 75ml liquid Meltonian white cleaner comes complete with a regulator valve and sponge applicator and certainly saved mess. The label on the back carries a very small Meltonian logo of the toff with top hat along with an EAN-8 early barcode and a post-1985 ‘e’ weights and measures mark. It was made by Reckitt Shoecare Products, Hull and declares that ‘Meltonian’ and ‘Superwhite’ are trademarks. By appointment to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, manufacturers of antiseptics, air fresheners, polishes, cleaners and laundry products. Reckitt & Colman Products Limited, London.
The product’s date lies between 1985 and 1991, the E. Brown connection long lost.
Photo: David Pratt