This is a simple repository of all things Blanco. There is a lot of information out there but much of it is hidden away in forums of one sort and another and not that accessible.

Contributions are most welcome and all contributors will be acknowledged and hopefully, with time, this web site will become a valuable resource to those that seek information about the mysterious substance that is Blanco from pre-20th Century through WWI and WWII and beyond.

Blanco brand name

Blanco block

Joseph Pickering & Sons Ltd

Pickerings in many ways illustrate the archetypal rise of the Victorian family-based industry only to fall in the 1990’s as the money men grip the business.
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Can you help?

The current topic under investigation is the existence of Blanco for RAF webbing. For sure there was a Pickerings version that appeared in 1954 but was there ever a WW2 version? If you have any blue-grey Blanco in your collection or indeed any documentary evidence then it would be great to hear from you.

More and more dubbin and polish products are being added to the website along with company histories – the most comprehensive site covering footwear care on the web?

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Latest additions to the website

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