Part of the initial trilogy of colours (Blanco, Khaki-Blanco & Web-Blanco) this distinctly green shade of web cleaner with the catalogue number of 97 became known, in time, as ‘No 97 Web-Blanco’ and then ‘No 97 Khaki-Green (Medium)’.

This particular example is in excellent condition with bright tin and is complete with a sponge. The instructions list two methods of use and application, a variance of the one found on other wrappers.

Photo: Mick Burgess

This particular wrapper, distinctly different to the white Blanco wrapper, describes it Web-Blanco as ‘standard shade’ – other similar wrappers would have a product shade number here. What ‘standard’ means exactly isn’t clear but it could indicate that at this time the greener shade was the military standard colour in place of the previous khaki colour of the issued webbing itself. That is to say, the preference was to colour the webbing a green shade, not just restore its colour to factory finished webbing. This particular wrapper is post-1900 but bears no ‘P in a lozenge’ Pickering’s trademark nor reference to Blanco being a trademark either. However, they do go to the trouble of telling us that the wrapper was printed in their own factory (as were the tins eventually, due to family relationships and marriage).

‘Don’ boot polish (named after the river Don that runs through Sheffield) ‘specially prepared for the forces’ is also advertised. No colour is mentioned (well, it has to be black!) and appears to be a different product the the ‘JP’ boot polish advertised elsewhere at the time. Or else, if not a different product then just a different name & packaging.

web-blanco wrapper
Photo: Mick Burgess

This colour was the official Blanco of 5th Battalion Sherwood Foresters in 1923.