Meltonian Khaki Block No 3 Green

Rather utilitarian packaging with no effort of brand presence apart from the Meltonian name impressed in the mould. The product colour is a very close match to Joseph Pickering’s KG3. This Meltonian product was available in 1942 and was on the list of approved products in the 1942 Home Guard regulations when KG3 was universally adopted as the only official equipment cleaner colour.

Khaki Block No. 3 Green
for Cleaning EQUIPMENT and WEB ANKLETS only
Remove all surface dirt with a hard brush, wet a piece of sponge and rub over the surface of block until creamy liquid is obtained, then apply evenly and allow to dry thoroughly. An old soft toothbrush is a good substitute for the sponge. When dry brush off any surplus powder.

Meltonian KG3
Meltonian KG3

Top and bottom of the Meltonian KG3 block with the Joseph Pickering’s Blanco product on the right for comparison.
Meltonian KG3
Photos: David Pratt