’37 webbing being used by elements of cadets, TA and the RAF at least until 1989 when products like Pickerings, Quippy and Fleet paste/cream type products were used instead of the powder/block of old.

Quippy web equipment renovator was manufactured by Carr & Day & Martin Ltd, Great Dunmow, England (site operational 1961 – 1989) and also Carr & Day & Martin Ltd, Wilmslow, England (site operational after 1989) and supplied in 100ml twist-off lidded tins.
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Web equipment renovator
103 Khaki
Directions: Scrub webbing clean. Allow to dry. With a stiff brush rub paste well into webbing.
Carr & Day & Martin Ltd – Wilmslow – England
[/content_box] Quippy web equipment renovator 103 khaki
Quippy web equipment renovator 103 khaki
Photos: David Pratt
[divider] Blue Grey Quippy alongside Pickerings RAF Blue-grey
Blue Grey Quippy
Photo: David Pratt
[divider] 103 Quippy - Pickerings comparison
Photo: David Pratt