Pickerings No. 97 Khaki Green (Medium)

No. 97 Pickering’s Web Equipment Renovator No. 97 Khaki Green (Medium)
The “Blanco” brand name now absent and replaced with the company name instead.
This was the Army’s official “Renovator Web Equipment” introduced at the end of 1954 (part of the four approved khaki-green shades of KG3, 61, 97 and 103) and was supplied exclusively through the NAAFI.

3oz tin – M.S. Specification No. T.S. 213A
Joseph Pickering & Sons Ltd. Sheffield, England.

Directions: Wash of ordinary cleaner and allow webbing to dry. Apply with stiff brush rubbing all ways for even covering. Then dry thoroughly.

Pickering's 97 renovator
Pickering's 97 web equipment renovator
Note the differing tins here, one of a greenish hue the other a brownish hue. The text layout has been revised with a large No. 97 and ‘Then dry thoroughly.’ added.

Comparison of Pickerings 97 and 103

Photos: David Pratt