Propert’s webbing paste

Propert’s Web Cleaner was listed in a trade catalogue dated Summer 1966 (sporting a Royal Warrant) under ‘Forces Lines’ and shows Army Renovators 3, 61, 97, 103 & Green plus R.A.F. Blue Renovator ‘227’. The cost is shown as 1s 6d per tin and was a tinned crème paste product like Quippy and later Pickering products. This would certainly sit alongside manufacturing of their shoe crème products and polish products. There was also a White product in a can with a larger size in a jar.

Propert 1966
Propert trade list

A tin of Propert’s RAF Blue Webbing Paste which carries the Ministry of Supply specification of TS213 so clearly Pickerings had an official competitor. It isn’t immediately clear why the 1966 brochure refers to the RAF Blue product as “227” though.
Properts RAF Blue