The Wheatleys’ of Evesham

Posted on Mar 27, 2011 in Latest

With the help of a descendant of the family a potted history of the Evesham dynasty of the Wheatleys’ is now in place and charts some one hundred and fifty years of trade in the bootmaking and footwear retailing in the Evesham area.

William Wren & Co Ltd

Posted on Mar 1, 2011 in Latest

Just added, a potted history of William Wren & Co Ltd. From humble beginnings in Northampton the company grew steadily to become a well respected household polish brand, becoming part of the Chiswick/Reckitt/Sara Lee empires and ultimately just a brand name in a portfolio.

Carr & Day & Martin Ltd

Posted on Jan 15, 2011 in Latest

Just added, a potted history of Carr & Day & Martin now been added. The earliest and biggest company in the UK to commercially exploit manufactured blacking, it was a monumentally wealthy company in the early 1800’s…

White cleaners

Posted on Dec 18, 2010 in Latest

The coverage of white cleaners on this website has been expanded with examples from several manufacturers across a century of production.

Dales’ Gold Medal Dubbin

Posted on Dec 1, 2010 in Latest

A new addition to the website are a couple of pages about Dales’ dubbin, rather curiously made from porpoise oil. There is some historical film footage too about the production of porpoise oil too!

Properts Ltd updates

Posted on Nov 28, 2010 in Latest

Information about Propert’s has been updated somewhat with all the information cleaned so far. Itd great to know their 1878 building is not only still standing but in good use still.

The Blacking industry 1842

Posted on Nov 20, 2010 in Latest

Just acquired – a rather splendid essay of rather astonishing verbosity relating a visit to the Day and Martin blacking factory in Holborn. Replete with excellent engravings the article gives an insight into the size of the boot blacking business and the industrial effort that went into it.

What’s in a name? The Kiwi and Cherry Blossom saga

Posted on Oct 24, 2010 in Latest

A new section has been added tracing the passing of brand names from company to company showing the importance and value of a trusted and well known brand is worth a great deal to companies.

Latest addition to DIY blanco – 103

Posted on Oct 15, 2010 in Latest

The latest in the series of simple and and easily reproducible DIY blanco substitutes has now been published. The 103 shoe cream method now joins KG3, 97 and RAF Blue-Grey leaving 61 Buff still to do!

Australian Blanco – does anyone have any more information?

Posted on Oct 14, 2010 in Latest

A Blanco and Bull website visitor Raymond Dive has just raised some interesting information on an Australian made Blanco product used in WWI, WWII and after – a first hand account of manufacture and using indigenous clays. And so the appeal does out – does anyone else have any more information?

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