Two in One polish

A civilian tan shoe polish but of WW2 era. The instructions are in French and English. The ‘Two in One’ brand was manufactured by 2 in 1 Polishes Limited in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada.
Two in One
Photo: Geoff Robinson
There is mention of Two in One polish in a newspaper article of 3rd April 1908 in The Argus (Melbourne, Australia)
This later brown polish tin declares made by the makers of “Shinola” and a US patent.
The original Shinola trademark was filed in 1929 by 2-in-1 Shinola-Bixby Corporation, New Jersey.
two in one polish
The polish got itself into a song lyric:
I GOT A ROCKET IN MY POCKET (McAlpin – Jimmy Logsden), JIMMY LLOYD (ROULETTE 4062, 1958)

… Well, two-in-one’s polish and three-in-one’s oil
A lot of lid-flipping makes my bad blood boil…

1918 advert 2 in 1
1918 advertisement
The Canadian National Magazine 1942
2 in 1 shoe polish
Photo: Geoff Robinson