Furmoto polish

On the label
Furmoto Shoeshine
Directions: Apply a little polish and shine with a soft cloth
Made in England
Roen 1929 Hors Concours
Great Gold Medal, Leipzig 1927
Nice 1929 Hors Concours
Toulon 1928 Gold Medal
Gold Medal Wishar Hecklenburg 1927
Macon 1929 Gold Medal
Exposition de Nice Medeille de Vepheil 1927
The Furmoto Chemical Co Ltd – 1 Brixton Road, London, S.W.9 – Black
This small 5.5cm diameter tin is printed in black and cream on a gilt ground. Its design features seven award medals.
Furmoto shoeshine
Photo: David Pratt
Furmoto Solitaire polish
1945 ad Solitaire Furmoto
1945 Picture Post advert for Solitaire shoe polish
1949 Furmoto advert
1949 British Industries Fair guide