Tilley’s White Cake

These photos of Tilley’s White Cake, supplied by Geoff Robinson, is complete with some remaining product and sponge applicator.

Macdonald Manufacturing Company Limited of Toronto was founded sometime after 1874 by Scottish-born David Macdonald, anticipating a boom in manufactured foodstuffs in Canada, helped by the railways. It came to produce the finest lithography on tinware in Canada and was known for tin toys as well as decorative tin packaging and vehicle license plates.

The Macdonald Manufacturing Company was purchased in 1944 by Continental Can of Canada so dating this tin of White Cake to pre-1944.

On the label
Tilley’s Regent Brand
White Cake for canvas shoes
Directions – Apply with damp sponge and let dry
Macdonald Mfg. Co. Limited, Toronto
Manufactured by Tilley’s Limited, Toronto, Canada
Tilley's White Cake
Photo: Geoff Robinson