Nothing known of this products date or manufacturer. “Guaranteed to contain Abril” says the label. Abril Industrial Waxes Ltd operate from South Wales and discovered amide waxes in April 1945 and the company was set up to exploit the new found technology. Abril is the Spanish word for April – is there a connection with the date of discovery? The company manufactures highly specialised polymers and waxes and it seems that Abril is a synthesised wax rather than a natural wax such as bees or Carnauba wax that had been traditional components of boot polish.

Patrol Polishes Limited were certainly around in 1949 as they made an army webbing cleaning product that fulfilled the function of the old Blanco product but was wax-based rather than clay-based and so more suitable for use in tropical areas of operation.

On the label

Patrol boot polish
Registered trade mark
Guaranteed to contain Abril. Supreme for preserving and waterproofing leather.
Keep lid on when not in use – Made in England by Patrol Polishes Ltd, London W1

Patrol boot polish
Patrol boot polish
Photos: David Pratt

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