Nugget white cleaner

“As white as the Everlasting Snows” proclaims the black and green print box, in English. Although the jar inside has instructions for use in French and Dutch.
Nugget white cleaner
nugget liquid white cleaner
Photos: David Pratt

Made by the Nugget Polish Co. (Sales) Ltd, London – a product very similar to the original Pickering’s Blanco and products made by Cherry Blossom, Meltonian and Wren’s.
Nugget white block

Nugget white block
Images by ‘GliderRider’ on the Dutch reenactment forum:

A de-luxe nugget white dressing was available in tins complete with sponge, for buckskin and canvas boots and shoes, belts, helmets etc.
Nugget white dressing tin
Nugget were boot polish manufacturers and a well established brand in the early 1900’s. They use the strap line of ‘As used in the Royal Households’ – not quite a Royal Warrant though! The range included Black and Tan Tiger brand boot polishes but also a bottled liquid boot whitening for leather/canvas boots and sports shoes.

The brand name is still use across the world although not the original company but by a process of takeovers and acquisitions.

Nugget boot polish