Carr’s boot cream

On the label
Carr’s Boot Cream
Estd. 1837
Directions: Shake the bottle well and apply the cream evenly all over the surface of the boot or shoe. Rub well in and polish with a soft cloth or brush.
Carr & Day & Martin Ltd, Gt Dunmow, Essex, England
70ml 2.5fl oz
For Boots, Shoes, Bags etc or any leather that requires preserving with a high polish.
Carr’s Creams are made in black, white, dark brown, & toney red. The black is recommended for box calf & glace kid as it contains a dye to restore the colour and so keep the boots a jet black.
These 8cm high clear glass jars have red, green and white printed labels as well as white, red, green and gold screw caps. Oddly the packaging doesn’t mention the colour of the contents, in this case dark brown. These are made post-1961 when the company moved to Great Dunmow.
Carr's Boot Cream
Photo: David Pratt