What’s in a name? The Kiwi and Cherry Blossom saga

Posted on Oct 24, 2010 in Latest

A new section has been added tracing the passing of brand names from company to company showing the importance and value of a trusted and well known brand is worth a great deal to companies.

Latest addition to DIY blanco – 103

Posted on Oct 15, 2010 in Latest

The latest in the series of simple and and easily reproducible DIY blanco substitutes has now been published. The 103 shoe cream method now joins KG3, 97 and RAF Blue-Grey leaving 61 Buff still to do!

Australian Blanco – does anyone have any more information?

Posted on Oct 14, 2010 in Latest

A Blanco and Bull website visitor Raymond Dive has just raised some interesting information on an Australian made Blanco product used in WWI, WWII and after – a first hand account of manufacture and using indigenous clays. And so the appeal does out – does anyone else have any more information?

Kharkene – yet another webbing renovator added to the list

Posted on Oct 12, 2010 in Latest

Thanks to the kind donation of a photograph of a webbing cleaner collection yet another brand of web cleaner gets added to the list. With a worldwide distribution in 1942 it is available as a liquid product, more usual of civilian white cleaners than military bloc-type webbing cleaners and renovators but a block type product was also available at some time.