Capo dubbin

British dubbin Protective No. 1

On the label
C.P. Ltd
This somewhat battered tin is printed in black (including the ‘broad arrow’ mark) on a gold ground and is complete with unused contents. The thick, clear, dark brown grease smells slightly of wax/vaseline. The C.P. Ltd is most likely to be the Canadian company Capo Polishes Limited.
Dubbin Protective No 1
Photo: David Pratt

Arctic Rubber Dubbin

On the label
Arctic rubber dubbin for all coloured leathers
Apply with fingers. Rub well into the leather.
Guaranteed waterproof
Capo Polishes Limited, Hamilton
Capo arctic dubbin
Photo: Geoff Robinson

Arctic Dubbin

Capo Arctic Dubbin
Photo: courtesy Kevin J. Hebib Collection
arctic dubbinCapo Arctic Dubbin is still being manufactured (in 120g plastic tubs) by CAPO Industries Ltd in Ontario, Canada. The product has a whitish, vaseline-like consistency and the properties are described as waterproofing leather, reducing the formation of salt stains and containing mink oil and silicone.
More information on the company can be found here: Capo Polishes Ltd
and their polishes here: Capo polishes