Balmforth’s dubbin

On the label

Balmforth’s Preservo BL brand Dubbin
Made in England
Unequalled for Softening, Preserving & Waterproofing
Boots, Footballs, Saddlery & all other Leather Articles
Three simple instructions
First – Thoroughly clean the article
Second – Slightly warm Dubbin before applying
Third – Rub well in

Size C Full reliance can be placed on all goods bearing the B.L. Brand Trade Mark including Leather Laces for Walking & Sports Boots made by E. B. Balmforth Ltd., 4 Meanwood Rd, Leeds.

Balmforth's Preservo Dubbin
Balmforth's dubbin
Photos: David Pratt

Contents are a clear dark red colour with a waxy consistency and smell.