No. 97 – repro

Made and sold in the UK, details here soon.
Pea Green Blanco
The block of ‘Blanco’ arrives wrapped in an authentic looking Blanco wrapper (although curiously in this case wrapped in 103 not 97 wrapper!). Instead of embossing the word Blanco and risking the possibility of later miss-selling by others they have thoughtfully added the broad arrow mark.

The block itself is dense and hard – this should survive the postal system without arriving crumbled to dust. In appearance it is quite gritty.

A clean, dry and well cleaned 2″ webbing strap was prepared. I’m using the faithful stencilling brush for application.
97 repro application
Loading the brush with water I swirled and worked the water into the block, much as one would do with a watercolour paint box. It takes several brush loads and a fair bit of swirling to dissolve the block and get a good brush-load of colour. Then it is simply a matter of painting it onto the piece of webbing.
97 repro application
97 repro application

And the final result:
97 repro application
Top to bottom: KG3 Blanco, 97 shoe cream repro, Razman 97 repro

The final webbing colour is almost exactly the same as the block it came from. Surprisingly a lot of the product sits on the webbing, not sunk into the material as I was expecting this product to be highly soluble. The surface finish is rather gritty and abrasive and to build up a sufficiently even coverage you need to add a fair bit – two coats are needed. Durability of finish has not been tested yet.

Photos and review: David Pratt

“Gary Bainbridge”

The Blanco turned up today,
Very impressed with the packet and also having just spent the last 2 hours blancoing my webbing set is look good, it is not 100% like blanco but would say it goes on much easier and dries with a good even finish, it also matches the colour more or less spot on to the original bit I have in pea green.
Will get some pictures once my webbing sets back in one bit,
Right, Dunkirk here we come!

Here is a picture of my set, looks good to me.
Pea green webbing

Pea green webbing