K.G. No 3 – the Shoe Cream method

Step by step guide

You will require one pot of Tarrago shoe cream no 34 (Olive) and one pot of Citadel Castellan Green and a teaspoon.

Tarrago and Citadel paint

A teaspoon very conveniently holds 5ml so get a spoonful of Castellan Green.

Castellan Green

And add to the jar of shoe cream…

paint addition

Now mix thoroughly – actually the end of the spoon is easier…

Mix together

Here you can see a colour comparison. The lid of the jar shows unadulterated Tarrago 34 colour alongside the new colour mix. Neutral grey card in background for colour reference.

Final KG No3 substitute

Now to apply the ‘Blanco’ on virgin 37 pattern belt using a stencil brush obtainable from decorating/diy stores. Any short bristle, stubby brush will do (don’t be a martyr and use a toothbrush though – it will take ages!). This allows a thorough scouring and smoothing application of cream.
Ready to Blanco

Apply the cream in small quantities to dry webbing, working it into all the weave with circular and criss-cross motions. Do not let it dry thickly on the surface or apply it so thick that it obscures the canvas texture. Being a cream this doesn’t soak into the fibres as much as real Blanco does but it does hold very well on the surface. The shoe cream is pleasantly scented and much less messy to apply than proper Blanco. Indeed, almost a pleasure!

Applying Blanco cream

Comparison of colours alongside neutral grey card, top to bottom:
1. Well-worn belt, originally treated with proper crumbly KG3
2. A belt treated with Tarrago 34 and paint mix
3. Belt newly treated with proper KG3 Blanco
Note: unevenness of colour is not apparent to the eye

Blanco comparison

Note: Although the Shoe Cream Method gives a waterproof coating and will not wash off in use, Tarrago scrubs off webbing with some effort – soak in hot, strong solution of oxy-action for a while then scrub with a nail brush. There will, as with Pickerings, be some colour left behind. It has to be said the original Blanco block product comes off easier but this applies to use in the field as well!
Further info at the bottom of this page:
How to remove blanco from webbing

Tarrago 34 (Olive) currently costs £2.60 per 50ml pot (plus postage) direct from the Tarrago UK web site http://www.tarrago.co.uk/
“Citadel” Castellan Green (replaced Catachan Green in March 2012) £2.40 per 12ml pot available from Games Workshop across the UK or by mail Games Workshop

Photographed and written by David Pratt