Grey and sunburn Blanco

The block in a tin is 1930s or later and is the shade “sunburn” (a pinkish beige) which was sold for civilian canvas shoes and the like.

Blanco sunburn canvas cleaner
Photo: David Pratt
[divider] Blanco white, grey and sunburn canvas cleaners.
Blanco sunburn, white and grey canvas cleaners
Photo: David Pratt
[divider] Below are illustrated civilian retail packs of Blanco blocks in white “keeps white shoes white”, and grey and sunburn canvas cleaners.
The rear of the white pack states:

Brush off all loose dirt. Rub a wet sponge over the cleaner until a creamy liquid is obtained. Apply this evenly, rubbing in well, and allow to dry.
Made in England
Joseph Pickering & Sons Ltd. Sheffield England are the sole proprietors and manufacturers of “Blanco” brand white cleaner. No other white cleaners can be called “Blanco” nor may they be sold as “Blanco”.

Clearly the word Blanco had become a generic term for leather/canvas cleaners (much like other trade names such as Hoover get subsumed into the language) and Pickerings felt the need to make a distinction between theirs and other products. Note also that these products were also available in liquid form in bottles with applicator sponge.

Blanco civilian cleaners
Photo: David Pratt
[divider] Blanco sunburn canvas cleaner
Photo: David Pratt